MD Group

MD Group is a leading building services specialist operating in the affordable housing and public sector markets. They work with local authorities and social landlords to build, maintain and refurbish homes, properties and public buildings in their care. 

Their issue:
MD Group used more than 300 mobile devices across their five offices in Abingdon, Bristol, Bridgwater, Exeter and Poole. They were unhappy with the lack of service from their incumbent supplier and were becoming increasingly worried about their mobile overspend, which was running into thousands of pounds each month.

MD Group Case Study - swcomms

The solution:
Having studied their bills and usage, our mobiles specialists at Taurus Clearer Communications provided 318 Samsung handsets and O2 SIMs together with our Business Mobile + service.

We not only reduced their monthly rental, but are using Business Mobile + to help MD Group control their ongoing overspend with caps and alerts that warn the user and two other nominated staff members that calls or messages outside their plan have been made. While the user may not be overly concerned, a manager, accounts or IT team member can warn them and request a bolt-on to reduce the price of any further costly activity. 

MD Group case study - swcomms

MD Group also benefits from aggregated data use, which allows staff to share their 3GB of data per device, equating to 954GB, across their fleet to manage costs even further.

The testimonial:
“As a business, we found ourselves in a position where we were stuck on a historic contract that did not have the scope to grow with us. We also struggled to keep the management of our numbers up to date. 

“Taurus offered us more than a contract, but a support network to help us migrate and manage our accounts in a much easier way. It was also a massive benefit to us to have a coterminous contract, as this better aligns with our business.”
Paul Sherwood, group BI & IT manager

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