Martin Diplock Chartered Surveyors

Martin Diplock Chartered Surveyors, an estate agency located in Lyme Regis, Dorset, enjoys the flexibility, resilience and call handling benefits of a cloud-hosted phone system.  

Their challenge:
The business was using a 15-year-old phone system. Martin Diplock felt they were paying too much for this ageing technology and were receiving poor support. The reason for this is that older systems become more expensive to repair and parts are harder to purchase. As an older phone system, it also lacked the functionality that is part and parcel of a modern solution, which meant they were unable to efficiently handle their calls from clients.

They also could not divert calls through to mobiles or PC/laptop devices for home working. Without these diverts in place, they were at risk of missing important calls, which could result in lost business and revenue.

The solution:
We installed a Gamma Horizon cloud-hosted solution. This is a resilient and flexible solution that costs Marin Diplock less than what they were paying before, even with all technology upgrades and support costs included. They benefit from free calls to UK and landline numbers and cheaper line rental too.

The Horizon solution uses SIP channels, supported by a high-speed internet connection that enabled us to ensure high definition voice quality, to replace the ISDN2 lines and to offer improved business continuity options, including call diverts. A voice-only Gamma internet connection was also installed as a back-up connection in the event of a primary connection failure.

We added Collaborate unified communications licences to the solution so staff could make and receive business calls from their mobiles phones, laptops and PCs. This means they never miss a call when they are out on viewings or valuations and present the main business number when they call out to maintain a professional client service. 

“We are immensely pleased with the new service and the fantastic speeds that we are now getting.  The call quality is also much improved.”
Vickie Stickler, Office Manager

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