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Funasset benefits from a cost-effective virtualised environment in swcomms' data centre.

Funasset is a software development company founded in 1986. Located in Taunton, Somerset, they specialise in connectivity, data, document and mail products that are used globally by a wide range of businesses and organisations including The Bank of England, the NHS and local government. Manufacturers such as Fujitsu, Konica Minolta and Xerox also use Funasset products to give their customers a greater degree of document processing, management and routing.

In order to meet the needs of these different customers, Funasset would purchase an isolated server per business or organisation and place them in a data centre. Very often the nature of their work meant these servers were only needed for six months at a time. When Funasset met with one of our technical sales consultants, the discussion turned to the use of virtualisation to meet the requirement for isolation without having to purchase and wait for separate machines to be commissioned.

VMware virtualised environment 
We suggested using a VMware virtualised environment in our data centre in Exeter to support multiple virtual machines using less hardware. This immediately meant Funasset would not have to purchase as many servers as well as offering ongoing cost savings in terms of power, cooling and connectivity. As an example, Funasset’s virtualised environment now uses between 5 and 6 amps of power rather than 10 amps. Virtual machines can also be commissioned within minutes rather than weeks which would improve Funasset’s service to their customers. Furthermore, Funasset can now offer an extended portfolio to their customers with the addition of a cloud-based Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform. Funasset also decided to use our data centre for their own hosting purposes.

Disaster recovery solution
They wanted an effective disaster recovery (DR) solution to support their in-house virtualised environment. We upgraded their on-site infrastructure with a new storage area network (SAN), upgraded their VMware platform and Veeam server (which is used to backup the virtual infrastructure) before then replicating all their critical virtual machines via a virtual private network (VPN) link to a Veeam DR host server in our data centre.

This disaster recovery model ensures that if there is an issue with their primary onsite servers they can access the replicated data and virtual machines located on their Veeam DR host in the data centre. The recovery time objective (RTO) has been reduced to minutes instead of hours or days and the recovery point objective (RPO) has reduced the amount of missed data due to having more regular backup and replication jobs being carried out.

Funasset now enjoys the advantages of both on-site and off-site virtualised server environments, with the latter accommodated by our purpose-built data centre. Funasset also benefits from a single point of contact for all their hosting and disaster recovery requirements and a dedicated account manager who will regularly check they are happy with their solution while updating them with the latest advancements in data centre technology to provide the best possible service to them and their customers.


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