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Office communications: Do you remember the 80s?

You may not be old enough to remember the 1980s, but many of us are or have seen enough films and television programmes to have an idea of what it was like. The purpose of this look back in time is to compare the way we worked 30 years ago to the way we can work now.

In 1985, office workers’ desks were adorned with typewriters or the very basic forms of PCs, telephone handsets, calculators, cameras, a Rolodex, Tipp-Ex, reference books, maps and road atlases, plus wall planners and numerous filing cabinets full of paperwork, as wellas Telex and fax machines alongside a full-on mailroom to facilitate communication between colleagues, customers and suppliers.

In 2015, we can function perfectly well at our desks with a telephone handset and a PC. The difference is vast. The modern day worker is not confined to their desks. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, data sharing, connectivity and all those other applications and utilities we have come to rely on gives us far greater mobility.

We hope this infographic should give you a clear illustration of just how far we have come. #betterthanthe80s

Do  you remember the 80s? infographic