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Guidance to help you make the right choice

The business case for a Unified Communications solution includes a combination of hard and soft benefits. Since no two businesses are exactly the same, the specific benefits will vary from firm to firm. Many reputable providers of UC systems can actually help you assess the benefits that your particular business is likely to receive. A hard business benefit is the one that is directly measurable, as a result of implementing the technology.

Typical hard benefits from UC are as follows:

  • Reduction in telephony expenses achieved by replacing the charges for long distance call with no cost IP telephony calls over a packet network
  • Reduction or elimination of 3rd party conferencing service charges by using the in-house conferencing capabilities of your UC-enabled telephone system
  • Reduction in travel expenses by replacing face-to-face meetings with audio, video and web conferencing
  • Lower real estate and facility costs by utilising teleworker and remote worker features of your IP system to reduce the amount of office space needed

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