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Small business guide to unified communications

Our goal with in this executive briefing paper is to share some perspectives on the specific ways that communications technology can address the business challenges facing small businesses and contribute to measurable performance improvements.

The four business priorities below represent fundamental challenges faced by all successful small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs), irrespective of industry vertical or geographic location.

  1. Control operational expense and drive cost from the business
  2. Improve the delivery of customer service
  3. Provide a performance edge over competitors
  4. Attract and retain valuable employees

These business priorities are very similar to those faced by larger companies but, given fewer resources, most SMEs have been at a disadvantage when competing for new customers against their larger counterparts. The use of advanced technology like unified communications (UC) not only helps SMEs address all four business challenges, but also gives SMEs the ability to interact with customers and prospects just as professionally and effectively as larger companies.

Download and read the full whitepaper here.